Personal Yoga Training by Robert Portecarro - (Miami)

Posted on: 12/01/17


"Frustrated by life's circumstances, stress and negative thoughts plaguing our minds, we often times feel small, helpless, and defeated. With a change of attitude, however, and a degree of transformation in your life through yoga, you discover that you are not as feeble as you thought. Rather, you have abundant energy to overcome obstacles that you once thought were unsurmountable. You can render the impossible, possible, and that there are endless possibilities of discovering new horizons within yourself because your source is Divine"- Swami Jyotirmayananda Yoga is a science and philosophy that enables us to realize our full potential. Yoga means to join. To join our limited self to our higher Self. Yoga is much more than just a set of physical poses. The physical poses (Asanas) are important to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind and also to maximize vitality, but it is just a part of the whole system of yoga. The science of yoga shows us the way in how to maximize our stay here on earth, and most importantly, how to realize our true nature. We are not the body, we are not the mind, we are not even this ego, we are Spirit. How can we realize this truth of ourselves? Yoga says we need to adopt a way of life which cultivates Sattva (balance and harmony). Through this way of living, our thoughts and actions begin to be inspired by the Spirit. Negativity and all fears begin to move away. Anger, hatred, greed, and jealousy do not even enter the mind. Our minds become infused with love, compassion, humility, and purity. We offer specialized yoga programs, which include yoga classes, yoga philosophy, and meditation. Put on new spectacles, and see how wonderful life can be through Yoga. Call Us at: (786) 207-1209 for more

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